Neighborhood boards and their important support in the citizen security of Huancavelica

Neighborhood boards and their important support in the citizen security of Huancavelica

Citizen insecurity is one of the problems that plagues the community and affects dozens of people who earn their daily bread with the sweat of their brows.

However, there is never a lack of criminals who seek to disturb their tranquility, which is why they have been organized by participating in the “Neighborhood Citizen Security Boards”, which from time to time go out to walk the streets in order to seek to maintain tranquility and peace in their community.

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Correo Huancavelica accompanied two of the seven neighborhood boards in their traditional rounds, in them, we collected the experiences of their members, who feel happy to participate in this new security system.

Marino Soto Quispe, coordinator of the neighborhood board “Los Centuriones” of the Chuñuranra sector, stated that he is happy with the work they do in favor of their population.

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He said that as part of their work they managed to prevent theft of their neighbors’ animals.

“We have found young people who came for a walk, but they stayed late and wanted to take chickens, we found them in their backpack and thus we prevented them from taking them away,” said Marino Soto.

He also said that on another occasion they managed to retain, in a joint effort with another neighborhood council, a young man who was accused of raping a defenseless lady.

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Another neighborhood council that we accompany on its weekly round is the one on January 3, which is totally unequipped to do its job.

Eulogia Bonifacio Dueñas, a brave woman and member of the board, comes week after week to support citizen security.

“It’s good to hang around our site, light chargers are stolen, the victims are the oldest,” she said indignantly.

The place where they live does not have drinking water or electricity, which is aggravated by the lack of flashlights and whistles, which are not provided by the Municipality.

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As if that were not enough, they also face a cold wind, which affects them because they have not been given jackets either, as they did with other groups.

“We don’t have a flashlight, we don’t have a whistle, we don’t have a coat, we don’t have anything. We ask the authority to give us the implements,” said Eulogia Bonifacio.

In his turn, Cirilo Gutierrez said that he is new to the sector, however, he urges the authorities to be able to license them so that they can be identified as the new ones.

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The members of the boards do not go out alone, they are always accompanied by members of the Serenazgo and the National Police.

“It is the same community that is organized to seek its civic tranquility; their participation is very important, since they notify us when a crime, misdemeanor, case of family violence occurs, when there are minors drinking liquor, when there are suspects, they have immediate communication,” said the Huancavelica commissioner, PNP Commander Wilber Portella Bruno.

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He added: “They patrol their street, strip, avenue or block, the united population tells us where we should go, they give us information about unsafe areas, where they sell liquor, where they steal more, they tell us the points where we should help improve citizen security.

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