Lince bunker served to plot network operations in the MTC

Lince bunker served to plot network operations in the MTC

Statements of a new effective collaborator disrupt the statements of those investigated and Zamir Villaverde and would confirm a collusion with former minister Juan Silva to weave a network in the dedicated to directing millionaire public works.

Panorama agreed to the testimony of the collaborator given before the Prosecutor’s Office detailing that Silva and the nephew of President Pedro Castillo coordinated appointments to strategic positions in the in order to control the millionaire tenders. All this with the participation of Zamir Villaverde.

the fugitive he is again mentioned in clandestine meetings. Before Lince, he was involved in Sarratea (Breña) and later in the department of Magdalena

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This new statement reveals that the house used by Juan Silva, in Lince, served as a bunker to achieve the appointment of Alcides Villafuerte as executive director of Provías Descentralizado. Villafuerte was accused by Karelim López of having benefited the Puente Tarata III Consortium; In addition, a deposit of S / 100 thousand was detected in his bank account. The Prosecutor’s Office has requested an appearance with restrictions against him.

According to the effective collaborator, at the house in Lince, Silva mentioned his intention to place “his trusted people” in the necessary positions “to handle the tenders” in the sector.

According to this narrative, there were three purposes that motivated the former Minister of : manage the tenders, deliver works in favor of certain businessmen and have control of the hiring.

According to sources from Peru21, in fact, despite the fact that Juan Silva told his workers that he was going to Puente Piedra by public transport, he lived in Lince. This newspaper even learned that he would have received officials from the in this house.

Due to the position that Silva held in the government of Pedro Castillo, he has immunity. So far, the former minister is not considered within the preparatory investigation by prosecutor Karla Zecenarro, who directs the Puente Tarata III case.

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Within the framework of this investigation, the Judiciary issued 36 months of preventive detention against the former presidential secretary, Bruno Pacheco, who is a fugitive from justice as well as the ruler’s nephews, who are also covered by the precautionary measure.

Similarly, the prison order imposed by Judge Manuel Antonio Chuyo applies to Víctor Valdivia, Edgar Vargas, Zamir Villaverde and Luis Pasapera.

At the pre-trial detention hearing, told the judge that he did not meet with any officials of the which, in light of this new testimony, was false.

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