Abdala about his accident: "We fell asleep, we wanted to stop, but we had our foot on the accelerator"

“We blinked, fell asleep for a second and the car tilted. We wanted to brake, but we had our foot on the accelerator and what happened happened “said Abdala in an interview with The country speaking in the plural beyond the fact that it was he who was driving.

The president of the trade union center indicated that on that date he was in a situation of “problems” and “difficulties”, with “circumstances on a personal level” mixed.

“The previous night had been quite complex. I had some problems. I had not wanted to miss work and had only slept for an hour. When I left, what was already public happened,” detailed, and clarified that He did not drink alcohol at work, but when he left he drank “more than usual”. His spirometry after the shock gave a result of 1.53 grams of alcohol per liter of blood.

Abdala returned to his position officially on April 8in a decision unanimous of the Representative Table of the PIT-CNT. The trade unionist stated that felt supported by central throughout the episodeand assured that despite being out of office, participated in neighborhood tours of the campaign for the referendum against the 135 articles of the LUC on March 27.

“Regarding the episode that I had to live through, I am self-critical, but I don’t find a connection between this fact and the resultof the referendum, he added.

Abdala considers this topic “overcome”. “I have the dignity of having complied with what was established (by the Judiciary) and everyone agrees”said the union president.

Regarding his hours of community work at the Museum of Memory, Abdala remarked that did not choose the place to workand that in his 30 hours he built a bike rack for the museum.

I declare that he had “all the collaboration” of the authorities of the center, but affirmed that he worked alone on his task. “Many came, approached me and asked me what I was doing. I explained to them while handling the steel rods that they had given me as supplies,” said the trade unionist.

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