Lewandowski anticipates retirement from the STF to April 11

The minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Ricardo Lewandowski announced today (30) that he decided to anticipate his retirement to April 11. The announcement was made by the minister after this Thursday’s session, the last one he attended.

Lewandowski was appointed in 2006, during the first term of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and would be compulsorily retired on May 11 when he turned 75, the age limit for remaining in office.

The formalization of the anticipation of retirement was requested from the president of the STF, Rosa Weber. The document will be formally sent to the Presidency of the Republic.

During an interview, Lewandowski said he decided to bring the date forward for personal reasons. “This anticipation is due to academic and professional commitments that await me. I now end a cycle of my life and I will start a new cycle, ”he said.

With the anticipation, Lula should appoint a new minister for the Supreme Court. Before taking office, the occupant of the new chair must undergo a sabbatical at the Senate Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) and vote in the House plenary.

Early retirement will trigger a race to compete for the vacancy. Among those quoted to replace the minister is lawyer Cristiano Zanin, who acted as Lula’s defender in the Lava Jato Operation processes.

Lewandowski also said that, last week, he informed President Lula that he would anticipate his retirement, but did not make suggestions for replacements.

“All the names that are appearing as candidates are people with unblemished reputations, with an impeccable legal record. The STF will be very well served with any of the names that have appeared “, he concluded.

There is no deadline for Lula to nominate a new minister.

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