Less than 5% of SMEs have an insurance policy that protects their businesses

Less than 5% of SMEs have an insurance policy that protects their businesses

The scope of the It is not free to be prone to different types of accidents, many of a temporary nature, such as the latest events seen after the recent protests that left infrastructure damage and material losses, which would amount to S / 80 million, according to statements by the owner of the .

In this sense, insuring the business is of vital importance to guarantee its correct continuity and reduce the possible economic losses that arise from the various risks to which they are exposed. Insurance strengthens business economic development, providing financial support in difficult times, not only protecting the property, but also the equipment and inventory. For this reason, AVLA Seguros specialists explain to us the importance of insuring the company or premises, regardless of the activity carried out.

Carlos Delgado, AVLA Technical Insurance Manager, indicates that in Peru there are more than 3 million SMEs (small and medium-sized companies), of which less than 5% have an insurance policy that protects their assets. He points out that it is a fairly low figure compared to the region and alarming if one analyzes the cost of repairing the damage that these emergencies usually bring.

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Although 55% of the population works in their own business -being the fourth country in the world where more businesses have been started-, there is no culture of prevention towards unexpected events. When a loss occurs in a business that has just started, there is a high probability of closure due to lack of support. For this reason, to strengthen this growth and prevent a decline, it is essential to opt for an insurance that takes care of the investment and the future”Delgado mentioned.

Risks may also be associated with the geographic location of the businesses. For example, SMEs located on the country’s coast are more exposed to earthquakes and earthquakes. While in the mountains or jungle there are rains and floods; in addition to operational risks such as fire, lightning and others. Likewise, any business located in cities is at greater risk of the consequences of strikes and demonstrations. Therefore, he stressed the importance of having multi-risk insurance.

Lastly, Juliana Avila, Manager of IGLU, AVLA’s digital solution, tells us that the best alternative to insure a business is one that really meets the client’s needs, especially the most important ones: accessibility, coverage, price and ease. She pointed out that IGLU has multi-risk insurance designed for the reality of Peruvian SMEs, allowing 100% digital insurance and in just 7 minutes against earthquakes, fires and their allied lines, robberies and assaults, strikes and terrorism, civil liability and much more.



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