Former custodian of Lacalle Pou deleted all messages with the notary before being arrested on Saturday

Less than 2% of data could be recovered from Astesian’s phone. He was warned that he was going to be arrested

On the left, Alejandro Astesiano guarding Luis Lacalle Pou when he took office as president.  Photo: Presidency of the Republic archive
On the left, Alejandro Astesiano guarding Luis Lacalle Pou when he took office as president. Photo: Presidency of the Republic archive

From the cell phone of Alejandro Astesiano, former custodian of Luis Lacalle Pou, only less than 2% of the information could be recovered, according to prosecutor Gabriela Fossati at a court hearing last Friday the 14th, according to the newspaper. The Observer.

The prosecutor assured that, when Astesiano was arrested, someone would have warned him that he would be apprehended as soon as he set foot in the country after returning from a trip abroad.

“The Scientific Police has its limitations in terms of instruments,” acknowledged the lawyer.

Something similar took place with Patricia Medina, the partner of the notary public Álvaro Fernández, who is charged in the case, since she also deleted all the data on her phone just in time.

At the hearing, Fosatti read alleged communications between Astesiano and Medina: the first one in his possession is from February 2, 2022, and said: “He already grabbed what he had to grab, and now he doesn’t give a damn”, referring to US$10,000 that Astesiano had allegedly received.

The other, dated May 10, reads: They are not talking to employees, I suppose, that is someone who should know well there, do you understand? So good, I hope he doesn’t let it go on Friday, that there are no problems, nothing more. I hope that he feels pressured and that he is not asshole. He should have taken responsibility, since he took 10 thousand dollars. He doesn’t have to take responsibility for doing what he did, no, for doing, doing (…) he can’t go about hiding up and down. He’s not going to be that stupid, I guess. Nothing to tell you. I feel like they’re screwed, nothing more. I feel like they’re screwed and I feel like I don’t know if it’s really the other one who claims to be him and not someone else who is there. I feel that they are screwed nothing elseMedina told Fernández –in a fragment– referring to the former custodian.

Astesiano is charged with prison as the alleged leader of a large document forgery organization to deliver irregular Uruguayan passports to Russian citizens. Because the former head of security for the President of the Republic was the link between public offices and his accomplices outside the State, the investigation should therefore be “stealth” because “public officials could be involved in all the reparations from whom information is being requested.”

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