Leopoldo López camouflaged himself in an NGO to continue harming Venezuela

Leopoldo López camouflaged himself in an NGO to continue harming Venezuela

The political leader and fugitive from Venezuelan justice, Leopoldo López, camouflaged himself as a representative of an NGO to speak ill of his country of origin at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

At the meeting, held in Geneva, Switzerland, the politician declared that the only way Venezuela has to improve human rights conditions is through political change, for which reason he continued to call for international intervention to achieve it.

The fugitive dismissed the proven progress in terms of human rights that Venezuela has shown, and in return he opined that in the government of Nicolás Maduro “they have tried to show supposed improvements in the protection of human rights”, but said that they are false.

He also said that Venezuela is the country that presents “the greatest humanitarian crisis in the hemisphere, in which millions of Venezuelans are submerged in extreme poverty.” Despite the theft of resources abroad, promoted by opposition groups, López said that the only person responsible for this crisis is Nicolás Maduro.

The Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies, William Castillo, opined on his twitter account that this fact demonstrates how these representations are bought and sold in international forums. “Leopoldo Lopez speaks as a member of a private OENEGÉ in Geneva. At the point of a ticket they buy and sell these “representations”; a perverse and perverted system that the UN legitimizes,” he wrote.

The intervention of the opposition political leader Leopoldo López, this time becoming the representative of an NGO in an international forum, proves the veracity of the denunciation made many times by the Venezuelan government, about the use of these organizations as fronts for political parties.

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