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Job calls in Livestock and UTEC with salaries of up to $96 thousand

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Job calls in Livestock and UTEC with salaries of up to $96 thousand

The Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries and the Technological University of Uruguay (UTEC) launched various job calls with salaries ranging from nominal $60,000 to $96,000.

In this note more details the requirements, details and how to apply for each of the positions.

Calls in the Ministry of Livestock

At the Ministry of Livestock, within the framework of the Agroecological and Resilient Systems in Uruguay project, which will be executed by the Animal Welfare Institute (INBA), Five different positions were opened in a service lease modality for 18 months. One is for the charge of administrative assistant in the Legal Areatwo to be administrative assistant for inspectionsanother position to be accounting assistant and another to be IT development consultant.

For the first position, it is intended to carry out tasks related “to the objectives, competences and faculties of the Institute of Animal Welfare, both within the framework of the National programs that the Institute must carry out”. The exclusive requirements are to be a student with 1st year approved and up to 3rd. inclusive year of the following university degrees: Lawyer, Notary Public or Labor Relations; have experience of at least one year in similar positions and mOffice package addendum.

The fees are from $61,109 without VAT for 40 hours per week.

For administrative assistant positions in inspections It is intended to assist in administrative tasks, follow-up on complaints, inspections, customer service in person and by telephone, among others. The exclusive training to qualify is to be a Veterinary Assistant Technician or have completed a bachelor’s degree with approved assistant, assistant and/or Veterinary assistant courses. It is also required to have experience of at least one year in similar positions and handling of the Office package.

The fees are from $61,109 without VAT for 40 weekly hours.

On the other hand, for the position of accounting assistant, the tasks consist of carrying out all the maintenance activities and filing of supporting documentation of different activities, making reconciliations, preparing invoices and controls of the systems used, among others. The exclusive formation is tener University Technician degree in Administration and have at least two years in similar tasks.

In this case, the fees are $72,295 without VAT for 40 weekly hours.

Finally, in the position of Information Technology Development advisor, the tasks are to carry out the activities and requirements that ensure the correct functioning of the different operating environments necessary to execute electronic government solutions and products. The requirements are to have Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and experience of two years or more in similar tasks.

The fees are from $96,700 also for 40 weekly hours.

All applications are through the website: https://www.mgap.gub.uy/cambioclimatico66/formulario.aspx and different documents must be attached there. The deadline is April 11.

Called at UTEC

At UTEC, a call was opened for the position of Purchasing Administrative Analyst I. The tasks consist of executing the steps and actions established for the correct development of the purchasing process, controlling and ensuring the proper documentation required for the entire purchasing process, among others.

The exclusive training to apply is be a student of the first years of the careers in the area of ​​economic sciences and administration or related careers or graduated from UTU of careers in the area of ​​administration or related careers. Intermediate level English and intermediate level management of the Office package are also required. In turn, it is requested to have experience of at least one year in similar positions.

The worker must be based in one of the towns where the UTEC has its headquarters (Fray Bentos, Mercedes, Colonia La Paz, Nueva Helvecia or Paysandú). The remuneration is $62,126 nominal for 40 weekly hours. Whoever accesses the position will have an interim contract for 12 months, and can be budgeted after that time.

Application is through https://utec.edu.uy/es/human-capital/. The deadline is March 30.

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