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Leonel to the Government: “E’ pa’ out they go”, because “they don’t know how to govern”

Santo Domingo.- The former president of the Republic (1996-2000. 2004-2012) and president of the party People’s Force (PF), Leonel Fernandezstated this Sunday that the current authorities do not know how to govern and that the population will remove them from directing the destinies of the country.

During a swearing-in ceremony in El Almirante, Santo Domingo Este, where councilor Taulyma Calderón joined the ranks of FP, the former president asked: “Why is inflation higher in our country than in Mexico, than in Guatemala, that in Costa Rica, is greater than Colombia, than in Chile?”, to which he said: “The answer is, because they don’t know how to govern”.

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“Since they don’t know how to govern, the same thing will happen to them that is happening everywhere in Latin America… In the face of crises that governments don’t know how to resolve, the peoples punish them at the polls,” Fernández said.

When recounting the defeats that the governments have had in the last electoral contests in different countries, Fernández said that “I already know why you are saying it and Monserrat said it, in 2024 it’s going to be gone.”

“Crises can be turned into opportunities and opportunities can be turned into progress and we have shown that during our years in government,” he added.

The former president went on to say that, “Now it is the other way around, now there is certainly a world crisis, but there is also a managerial crisis, of the current government of the Dominican Republic, and that managerial crisis aggravates the world crisis.”


Oaths Force of the People

Fernández gave a twist to the swearing-in that he had been carrying out, and this time he goes out to the sectors of Santo Domingo. This is expected to be the beginning of a takeover of the neighborhoods.

Along with Tayluma, former member of the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) passed to the party led by Fernández, hundreds of leaders from the neighborhoods near the sector, where they have their center of action.

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