García offered the Armed Forces to collaborate in school feeding during the strike

The Minister of National Defense, Javier Garcíamade available to the National Administration of Public Education at Armed Forces to collaborate in the food service in public schools next Wednesday, June 15, the day on which there will be unemployment of the education unions.

“The Armed Forces are ready if the ANEP requests it to guarantee food or whatever is logistically on Wednesday,” he said at a press conference this Sunday.

García assured that he had conveyed his intention to the president of the ANEP, Robert Silva, and to the general director of Initial and Primary Education, Graciela Fabeyro: “Yesterday I spoke with Robert Silva and today with Graciela Fabeyro and I told them that if due to the strike they had difficulties in ensuring food for the gurises who had the Armed Forces, because it seems to me that there is nothing more of a priority.

“There is no strike in the world or union or political claim that has justification and ends up leaving a guri who needs it without eating,” he said. And he insisted: “There can be no union claim that is more important than feeding a little boy or girl in Uruguay.”

The national strike and the demonstration that the teachers are preparing in front of the Executive Tower aims to claim the government for a “cut” of US$ 80 million in the educational budget between 2021 and 2022, according to the leader José Olivera. Education unions also expressed concern about the loss of wages.

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