Lacalle Pou-Argimón meeting with the rise in prices as the central theme

The Republic President, Luis Lacalle Pou and Vice President Beatríz Argimón will meet next week to discuss the price increase. The hierarch expressed at a press conference about the meeting between the two. She did so when asked if the Executive Power will take any measure to mitigate aspects of inflation and prices. Argimón cataloged that topic as “fundamental”.

Subsequently, he maintained that from the Executive Power, a “monitoring of the price issue” is being carried out. He added that “It seems very important to us that there are proposals at a time when the world marks that it is important to be attentive to everything that fluctuations mean from the economic point of view.”

On the approach of the Colorado Party sector “Citizens”, who in the middle of the week presented to Lacalle a series of measures to mitigate the increase in prices, the hierarch stated that “all proposals are welcome. In Parliament, the possibility of, from the different sectors within the parties, being able to make proposals has already been discussed. “We are very interested in following up, because in many of them there may be coincidences.”

The sector of the colorados, proposed in the document the reduction of the VAT to the products of the basic basket. In addition to the increase in TUS and BPS allowances benefits.

Other topics exposed Argimón

The vice president also argued that there are other issues and they “refer to multiple aspects that have to do with different levels that the parties are claiming and the government is observing.”

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