Lacalle on the referendum: “It is a stage passed. A law that remains firm”

President Luis Lacalle Pou assured in a press conference that the referendum of the Law of Urgent Consideration it is a “stage passed” and it is a law that “remains firm”.

For the president, the result of the referendum was “a copy of the runoff” after two years and a few days of government.

The president took advantage of the instance to talk about the government priorities starting this Monday. Educational and social security reform were the two issues that the president mentioned during his speech.

We tomorrow we are back on our topics”, he assured.

Lacalle also supported the policemen who, according to what he said, “were used unfairly in these days of campaigning” in reference to the incident on the Progreso field.

My personal support to all the policemen and women in the country who were unfairly used in these days of campaign“, he pointed.

The president assured that the president of the Broad Front Fernando Pereira did not call him and that the secretary of the Presidency Álvaro Delgado tried to locate him but could not. “We were looking for him,” he assured.

In addition, the president assured that this week there will be announcements regarding the price of the basic basket.

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