La Felcn reacts and accuses Spain of sending “insufficient” information about the drug flight

La Felcn reacts and accuses Spain of sending "insufficient" information about the drug flight

June 2, 2023, 12:51 PM

June 2, 2023, 12:51 PM

The Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcc) said it received “insufficient” information from Spain about the operation carried out at the airport de Barajas where almost half a ton of drugs from Santa Cruz, Bolivia were seized.

The cache, with 478 kilos of cocaine, was sent in February of this year from Viru Viru on a flight operated by the Spanish charter airline Wamos, which had been contracted by the state-owned BoA because their aircraft were then undergoing maintenance.

In a statement, the Felcc indicated that it did not receive “an official communication” about the finding and that after requesting it from Madrid, on Thursday it received a report fromwhich he described as “insufficient”. The anti-drug force wants to know “the legal situation and the phase in which the investigation is”.

“The Public Ministry, together with the Felcn, ex officio began the investigations of the case to clarify this fact,” noted the letter to respond to the minute released on May 31 by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function of Spain.

According to the report, the operation took place in February and was carried out by an elite control group from the Department of Customs and Excise of Spain. “This unit is in charge of carrying out the analysis of security risks and protection that the European Commission entrusts to the Member States”.

The officials observed the presence of the twelve packages that “had not been declared at the time of boarding and departure of the aircraft at origin, all of them containing quadrangular tablets (bricks) wrapped in plastic film, inside which was a substance thatAfter carrying out an analytical test, it gave a positive result for cocaine.

In the framework of these investigations in which Europol also participates, as explained by an agent to EL DEBER, the images of the airport of the day in which he embarked had been requested the stash. The exact date is withheld for research purposes.

By your side. The departmental prosecutor of Santa Cruz, Róger Mariaca, confirmed that an ex officio investigation has already been opened in order to establish the truth of the facts and to identify those responsible for sending the drug shipment from Viru Viru towards Spain.

For his part, the departmental director of Felcn, Colonel Cristian García, informed the media that the investigations are by the Prosecutor for Controlled Substances.

BoA, for its part, issued a statement making it known that it filed a complaint against the people who loaded the 478 kilos of cocaine.

Former prosecutor Jodael Bravo, in an interview with the Influential program of EL DEBER Radio, questioned the lack of response from the authorities in a case of this nature. “There is not a single detainee and no one has been dismissed,” she lamented.

“There is a cargo section, where there is a scanner through which all the cargo passes. Enter the dogs, the policemen. So how come you pass 500 kilos? Will there be a sponsorship? It is similar to the case of the drug plane of the government of Sánchez de Lozada”.

“They are half a ton of drugs, it is not a suitcase, how did that drug get through. They strip people naked if they see something suspicious,” added the former prosecutor.

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