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Nancy Morejón: pin pon out

Havana Cuba. — Every time I hear the name of Nancy Morejón I startle. Hearing her name is always the sign of a bad omen. Nancy is the worst omen. Nancy Morejón makes me compare disinterest and laziness. It seems that with such disdain she wants us to believe that she has it all figured out, that she’s already gone through everything and she’s back.

Many things are said about Nancy Morejón. Things are said about her that cannot be said without modesty and that is why they become unpublishable. Nancy Morejón is rude, irresponsible, but what is said the most about her is her laziness, her irresponsibility with those things that she previously took responsibility for.

Much is said about her, especially about what goes beyond her poetry; However, the most notable, among all that is said, is her laziness, the irresponsibility with which she assumes, and apparently very willingly, her laziness. Nancy Morejón is a lazy person who “vaguely” assumes her responsibilities.

His laziness is exorbitant, so tremendous that it even includes things that are only his concern and that they feed him. Most of those things that are said about Nancy Morejón can be verified without making any effort, but above all things, the easiest thing to verify is, I insist, her laziness.

And so much so that it seems that José Antonio Saco wrote Vagrancy in Cuba Thinking of Nancy Morejón and the lack of interest that that lady dedicates to her “pincha”. Nancy Morejón is the least interested in work among all the lazy people we know in the history of the world.

Nancy Morejón hates working, especially when the work goes beyond writing poems. And yet she gets paid, despite her endless tricks. One of the jobs that Nancy Morejón is paid for is directing magazines, but if the reader knew everything he does when he “directs” magazines, they would be amazed, so get strong, and pay attention to what I write. Nancy Morejón receives her salary each month for directing magazines, such as Unionbut it does not work.

Ernesto Pérez Chang, writer and journalist from CubaNetI could attest to that. Ernesto Pérez Chang was once editor-in-chief of the magazine Union under Nancy’s command, but without Nancy’s supervision. She, the ethereal Nancy, wasn’t up to reviewing flats and much less content, but “she ate the mill”.

From that time I remember that tremendous scandal in which she occupied the most central space, but her guilt, her responsibilities, were viewed tangentially, so tangentially that the blame ended up on the back of others. Jesús David Curbelo gave the magazine a translation of Pietro Aretino’s “Lustful Sonnets”, lewd, risqué, almost pornographic, a true gem of erotic poetry.

Nancy didn’t even look at it, because, as she would say later, she trusted the editor, but a tibiritabara of great proportions broke out, so much so that they even withdrew that number from circulation and the blame fell on Pérez Chang, who was removed from circulation. the editor-in-chief of the magazine and Nancy continued there, with the usual prerogatives.

And it didn’t take long for the other setback of the poet Morejón to arrive. This time some talented and risky young people, Carlos and Elizabeth, took charge of the newsroom and published an interview with Vicente Echerri, a “desecrator” of communism, and the same thing happened. Carlos and Elizabeth went to the United States and Nancy remained, and still remains, in that management position.

And that is the Nancy Morejón who has just been “stripped”, as the communists say on the island, of the honorary presidency of the Paris poetry festival after the protests led by Jacobo Machover. Nancy can be at the event, but not as president. She can be there as a participant, but what she is best at is leadership, or rather figura’o. Nancy is literally a figurehead who, for added utility, can make pronouncements in French, English, and, of course, of course, in Spanish, and support the regime that supports her and pays her to be lazy in all those languages. I strip her of her, she takes me away, enlightens me, although now we will have to endure her apostolate together with that of the Buena Fe duo.

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