Julia was strangled and the beheaded woman has not yet been identified

Julia was strangled and the beheaded woman has not yet been identified

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Julia SPC, 60, was strangled and the main defendant is her husband, Jorge MC, 58, who is already in custody and will be charged in the next few hours with the crime of femicide. According to relatives, the victim’s partner had a history of violence. The Public Ministry will request preventive detention for the suspect.

It is not the only case of femicide. Yesterday, around the Llojeta River, firefighters continued to search for the other remains of a woman who was beheaded.

In addition, the Departmental Police of La Paz yesterday presented a portrait to identify the victim.

According to the director of the Technical-Scientific Research Institute of the Police University, Germán Arciénega, through the planimetry division, they made freehand drawings and elaborated the characterization of human features according to the comparison of images.

Arciénega said that with the method of characterization by human features and in accordance with the comparison of images, an attempt will be made to establish a resemblance to a disappeared person.

Expert witness Adolfo Carlos Nina indicated that the image was created based on the features of the remains found in the river.

According to the specialist, the bone tissue found shows bruises and injuries that are examined. Police said the victim is a woman between 25 and 30 years old.

On Wednesday, the Police found the head of a woman in the Achocalla river, near Jupapina. The Public Ministry investigates the fact by femicide. The victim was not identified.

The departmental prosecutor of La Paz, William Alave, indicated that the case is a new femicide committed against a woman between 30 and 40 years of age, who received multiple blows before being decapitated.

After learning of the fact, a multidisciplinary team from the Prosecutor’s Office went to the scene to collect material and biological samples. “(Performed) -in addition- the legal lifting of the victim’s head,” he said.

The autopsy indicates that the head is that of a woman, that she has a death date of five to 10 days and that the cause of death was injury to higher nervous centers, head and facial (face) trauma with a broken nose.

Julia “had a violent death”

“The multidisciplinary team of the Specialized Prosecutor for Crimes Against Life went to the victim’s home to carry out the first investigative acts such as searching the place and collecting biological and genetic material evidence, in addition to carrying out the legal removal of the victim’s corpse. victim who died a violent death. In addition, the suspect of the crime, who is a concubine of the deceased, was apprehended for investigative purposes, “the departmental prosecutor of La Paz, William Alave, said yesterday.

The Prosecutor for Crimes Against Life, Cristhian Copa Salguero, reported that on Thursday, April 7, at 5:25 p.m., the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police went to the Limanipata area, near the highway of the city of La Paz, where they took contact with the woman’s stepson, who reported the incident.

Upon entering the interior of the house, the authorities found the lifeless body of Julia, who was lying in her patio. “The lady was with her arms outstretched and injuries were observed around her neck, in addition to a coiled elastic cable with which she would have taken her life. The forensic doctor’s review refers to strangulation due to mixed mechanical suffocation due to suffocation and antebrachial strangulation as a possible diagnosis of cause of death, “said Copa Salguero.

According to the forensic medical autopsy carried out by the Forensic Research Institute (IDIF), the victim’s cause of death was due to cerebral anoxia, occlusion of the respiratory openings and external compression of the neck. “With this, it is confirmed that the woman died of mixed mechanical asphyxiation due to suffocation and strangulation, which determines that the woman had a violent death,” reads the statement from the Prosecutor’s Office.

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