"Judas", "drones" Y "macho": the councilors from Santa Cruz went from debate to insults in a tense session

The election of Councilor Lola Terrazas (CA) as Vice President of the Council Municipality of Santa Cruz de la Sierra left in the records an innumerable accumulation of ironic phrases, insults and shouts in the session of Tuesday, May 17. The insistence of the president of the deliberative body, Israel Alcócer (UCS), to call to order was ignored by the majority of the mayors who attended the plenary.

The tense debate lasted for about an hour until the councilor of UCS Gabriela Garzón, demanded that the president the motion of “enough debate“. A usual strategy by the ruling party to silence opponents and go directly to a vote that, as on other occasions, had already been won.

The annoyances of the councilors of the Autonomous Community Marcelo Vidaurre and Federico Morón had no effect in Alcócer. Despite attempts to explain himself, the president summoned the councilors to cast their vote. It was about validating Lola Terrazas as vice president of the Council.

Alcócer was revealed when withdrew the word to Vidaurre for requesting the nominal vote, but allowedimmediately afterwards, to Luis Alberto Vaca (Democrats) request the same demand.

The vote confirmed Terrazas as vice president. This completes a directive that worked for a year with said acephaly. To the votes of UCS, MAS and Democrats were added those of Terrazas herself and Noemy Centellas, substitute councilor of the Autonomous Community (CA).

An intense coming and going of accusations and insults leaves top ten quotes that evidence the dispute that took place in the municipal chamber.

– “UCS is the Trojan horse of the MAS in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Justice plays in favor of UCS “, he stated at the beginning of the session Federico Moron (CA). The opposition caucus is considered, as a winning force, the call to assume the presidency of the Council. An amparo in the Plurinational Constitutional Court would ratify it, although the challenge presented by UCS annulled said sentence. The presence of the councilors in the legislature would suppose a “consent of fact” and would nullify the initial sentence.

– “We are going to continue winning because we are illegal. We have the justice of the MAS, we don’t have…” In an outburst to reply to Morón, the councilor Silvana Mucarzel (UCS) he incurred a lapse that provoked the ironic applause of the opposition mayor.

– “There is not and there will be no agreement with UCS. It is a lesser evil. Instead of fighting, let’s work. (To Morón) You fell in love with MAS, I invite you (to work),” said the mayor of the blue group Rosario Callejas.

– “They are beating a piece of paper that they have not even read. It is not a technical tie, Councilman Linera, I say Councilman Mucárzel”. Marcel’s words Vidaurre they uncovered the annoyances and the shouts on the part of Mucárzel herself and Garzón, both from UCS.

“There is a terrible famine on a power issue. They’d long to sit here to be able to negotiate drawbacks”, retorted the secretary of the directive, Mucárzel before the insistence of CA to monopolize the presidency of the Council.

“Mrs. Sosa is going to be a heroine,” she expressed andMayor Vidaurre, who accused the UCS bench of breaking the laws to cover up the management of Mayor Jhonny Fernández and stop any oversight attempt.

“They are the ones with the pants on the bench. Men are selfish and don’t let them assume any position,” said Gabriela Garzón (UCS), who supported Terrazas and Centellas, and accused the rest of the CA bench of engaging in macho attitudes. In addition, Waiter pointed out his I support Terrazas to “shut the mouths of these two drones who are sitting there”, alluding to Vidaurre and Morón.

– “the councilwoman what drones told us has left District 12 chased by the neighbors. The people are not donkeys,” he said. Morón in response to Garzón’s earlier allusion. Without the use of the word, Garzón responded by screaming in the neck. “Get informed first. Don’t be a donkey,” he snapped at the opposition mayor.

This crossing of allusions is linked to the suspension of a session of honor that should have been held days ago in the DM12. The protest of the neighbors prevented the development of the session and Gabriela Garzón, who at that time was serving as interim Mayor, had to leave in a hurry.

– “Judasin the history of mankindHe betrayed a leader. Now I feel betrayed under the pretext of doing politics that has sunk the country,” said life, arguing his vote with these harsh words against Lola Terrazas. Immediately after, The aforementioned mayor pointed out: “I do not allow you to accuse us of being traitors. Treason is when the amount is changed from 1 to 30 million or when the law of Public-Private Alliances is annulled.

These were the moments of greatest tension between CA councilors. Before Terrazas officially assumed the position of Vice President, Vidaurre and Morón left the plenary.

“I vote for my ability”said Terraces during the vote. Thus he ratified his position of integrating the board of directors of the Council. He previously vindicated his position by indicating that “Each councilor has their own voice and criteria. We do not share the ruling of the Plurinational Constitutional Court, but the scenario today is different. The Vice Presidency is not negotiated, it is a space to monitor.”

The verbal confrontation between councilors acquired street edges at times. Shouts and insults were interposed between the interventions of the mayors. But a reference to Mucárzel recalls the expression used by Gary Áñez in the debates among the mayoral candidates. “Circulating, circulating”, the secretary of the Council claimed Morón at the same time that she tried to silence the opponent’s speech.

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