coffee: "Distributing sanctions or blockades is not productive for peace to be imposed"

coffee: "Nominations are not being discussed, that distinguishes us from Together for Change"

“The decisions, in the end, are made by the President. No one doubts that, none of the partners proposes something different.”

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero affirmed that in the Front of All “People or candidates are not being discussed” as it happens in Together for Change and considered that the differences of views within the ruling coalition have to do with economic recovery and distribution “being faster.”

In dialogue with Radio El Destape, the head of the San Martín Palace recalled that this Wednesday marks three years since it was known that Alberto Fernández would join the presidential formula along with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and, in this way, “the the formation of a political front to expand the political base that each one had and from that unity in diversity, beat the macrismo, not only for an electoral issue, but to constitute a country project.

Asked about the future of the government space and the debates within the official coalition, Cafiero said that “it is part of the fortress” and stressed that it was not formed “a political front to take advantage of the diversities and reach greater representations and then annul them”.

In addition, he was in favor of promoting with a mechanism for internal dialogue that makes it possible to “carry forward” proposals carried out by the sectors, although he stressed that the decisions are made by Alberto Fernández.

“The decisions, in the end, are made by the President. No one doubts that, none of the partners proposes something different. You have to be able to rebuild that mechanism, and continue with the agenda”, he estimated.

In this sense, he pointed out that there were initiatives that, promoted by some of the members of the Front for All, could be carried out and became laws or public policies.

Regarding the expressions of the leaders, he pointed out that they are about differences that are not about substance but about “speed”.

For example, when referring to the tools to cushion the increase in international wheat prices, he stressed that an increase in retentions could only occur through “a legislative debate.”

“We always have to think, not only the best tools but what kind of instruments we have to carry them out, it would be a law. Voluntary discussions are not very responsible. What we should be doing is deploying the tools we have so that families’ incomes do not fall,” he explained.

In that sense, he said that this is the vocation of the Government when the joint ventures are opened, with the increase in the non-taxable minimum, the salary council and “the battery of distributive policies” among which he named from the bonds to the Food Card.

He was also in favor of “stronger action with price makers”: “It is complex, something that has been done but it is complex.”

Finally, he stressed that “in an Argentina that lost 20 points of real salary during the macrismo” and that was “hit by the pandemic” the right path was recovered, since “no one denies that it is on a growth path.”

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