Inmet issues health risk alert due to intense cold

Inmet issues health risk alert due to intense cold

The National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) issued a health risk alert due to the sudden drop in temperature in some regions of the country. In all, 11 states and the Federal District are in the danger zone. The notice began at 10:55 am today (18) and continues until 11 pm on Friday (20).Inmet issues health risk alert due to intense cold

According to the alert, temperatures should remain 5ºC below average for a period of 3 to 5 days.

Inmet recommends that, in case of need, people contact the Civil Defense, by phone 199.


The polar air mass, coming from the south of Brazil, arrived today in the Federal District, which registered a minimum of 8.7°C, during the dawn. Temperatures are expected to drop further in the coming days, reaching 5ºC tomorrow, according to Inmet’s forecast.

Civil defense

Low temperatures in Brasilia.

Low temperatures in Brasília., by Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

In a statement, the Civil Defense of the Federal District mentions the health hazard alert and gives guidance to the population regarding the cold:

– Pay special attention to children, elderly and sick people;

– Keep warm. Also protect the extremities of the body, use caps and gloves;

– Drink plenty of fluids;

– Avoid keeping the environments too closed. Keep your home and workplace clean and well-ventilated. Prevent yourself against respiratory diseases.

– Try to bundle up your pet. Consider wearing protective clothing. Shelter from the wind. Adequately lining the sleeping area;

– Be supportive. Donate coats and blankets to those in need. Load, if possible, this material in the car;

– If you need to stay outdoors, protect yourself from the wind.

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