José Luna Morales to prison for irregular registration of Podemos Peru

José Luna Morales to prison for irregular registration of Podemos Peru

Judge Jorge Chávez Tamariz accepted the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and yesterday ordered 34 months of preventive detention against the former congressman who is accused of having paid bribes to achieve the registration of his party in 2018.

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At the hearing, the prosecutor Roger Saldaña explained that the precautionary measure was necessary in order to avoid the probable escape and possible acts of obstruction by the investigated party.

The judge considered that there are “serious and well-founded elements of conviction” about the participation of in the alleged fraudulent registration of his party before the ONPE.

Likewise, he pointed out that “nothing guarantees” that the businessman resorts to members of the criminal organization or “third parties from the judiciary” to evade investigations, taking into account his position as elected councilor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima and as a former parliamentarian of the Republic.

The Police detain José Luna Gálvez after the interview he offered to RPP. On the former congressman and virtual alderman for Lima he weighs an order of preventive detention for 34 months. PHOTOS: JESUS ​​SAUCEDO / @PHOTO.GEC

And it is that the leader of Podemos, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, has already shown that he can corrupt officials, such as the members of the extinct National Council of the Magistracy (CNM), to achieve his tasks.

Luna Jr. did not attend the hearing, but hours later he was arrested after giving an interview to RPP. “I reject all the accusations that have been made against me. I hope justice does its job. My technical defense will appeal the decision of the Judiciary”, he said before his capture.

His lawyer, Mateo Castañeda, pointed out that the former legislator is not in danger of fleeing because he has proven to have family and home roots. “The resolution says that because he has traveled abroad 31 times, that gives the court an idea of ​​his economic capacity, but it has not taken into account that he has not traveled since 2018, ″ he said.

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For the Public Ministry, forms a criminal network that would be headed by his father, now congressman José Luna Gálvez, owner of the non-licensed university Telesup.

This illicit organization would have simulated payments to members of the deactivated CNM so that they elect Adolfo Castillo Meza as head of the ONPE, who would have been in charge – already as an authority – of ensuring the registration of Podemos.

In 2017, being general manager of Telesup, paid for legal sessions and financing of legal works to the directors Guido Águila (S/420,000) and Ivan Noguera (S/912,473). He also hired as a Telesup employee the son of the counselor Julio Gutierrez (S/41,375). Those disbursements for alleged academic work were actually, according to the tax thesis, bribes.

“These actions would have been carried out in coordination with the other members of the criminal organization, in order to obtain political benefits for the subsequent creation and registration of the party (Podemos) and other interests of the university,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.


Peru21 He learned that the Central Lima Special Electoral Jury must be notified of the court ruling that would prevent José Luna Morales from exercising the position of alderman, although the case will be heard by a higher court after Luna’s defense appealed the decision.

Electoral sources explained to this newspaper that, if the measure on the former congressman is maintained, the candidate following Luna on the list would assume the position.


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