Jorge Gamboa: Panama is bad when “two failures” want to be president again

Angel Valdes | May 8, 2023

Jorge Gamboa was in Panama Hoy speaking about the current political situation in the country from the Panameñista Party and its primaries to how he analyzes the participation of two former presidents in the run up to the 2024 general elections

«I would say that we are very bad when two failures want to return to the presidential office with little stories on the way, because it is not true that we have improved, One consideration, Martín Torrijos was such a good president that Balbina Herrera was run over by Martinelli in the elections (2009). They didn’t do it well, after Martinelli who lost Mimito Arias, all the candidates tell you I can, when they should say it’s my team that can, when they stop thinking about them, about me, then we could pay a little attention ” Gamboa said

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