Jessy argued with her partner before being found dead

Jessy argued with her partner before being found dead

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On Sunday, April 3, Jessy Román, the singer and TV presenter, had a fight with her partner, left her apartment and spent the night with her mother. The next day, Monday, the young woman called him to ask him to return her cell phone and she agreed to meet him at the place where she lived.

Since that day, the 25-year-old has never answered her cell phone again. On Wednesday, the mom moved into her apartment and found Jessy dead. “On Sunday night she had problems with her partner and that’s why she went to my apartment,” said Victoria Cruz, while she held Jessy’s pet.

“On Monday morning he called his partner. She told him to bring her cell phone and her glasses. Again they argued from my cell phone. Since she was in a hurry and had to go down to Eguino (square), she left at 9:00, ”she recalled.

Seeing this situation, Victoria asked Jessy: “You don’t have a cell phone, where am I going to call you”. The young woman replied that she would buy another mobile device and that at night she would communicate with her. Hours passed and they had no contact. “On Monday -at noon- I called her. On the night of that day and on Tuesday all day I tried to communicate with her, but her cell phone was still off. That was very strange because when she lost her cell phone, she immediately bought another one and called me, “added her mother.

Since she did not hear from Jessy, on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m., Jessy’s mother went to her daughter’s apartment, which is located in the Entre Ríos final. “When I opened the door I saw it hanging on the door of her bedroom. I found her cold and stiff,” Victoria said.

The mother asked the Public Ministry to investigate the cause of Jessy’s death because she does not believe that she had committed suicide. She claimed that the only person who had the keys to her apartment was her partner.

Jesús Adolfo Paco, first her boss on the program El Popularísimo, and later her friend, told Página Siete that she suffered violence from her partner. “When she was with us, in the middle of recording, I saw that the armed and sound guys disappeared. I was upset because they can’t be lost when we’re recording. Then the boys showed up and told me that Jessy’s boyfriend came and was making trouble for her. We dispatched it by taxi,” he said.

The following week her partner returned and saw Jessy upset. “I asked her if she came with him. She told me no and that she didn’t want to talk to him. I went out and asked him to leave, which made him uncomfortable, and I insisted until I got him out. I didn’t see him again after a long time until we shot outside. I asked Jessy if they came back. He told me yes, that he promised her that he was going to change and that he was good to her, ”he said.

“I spoke with other ex-hosts of the program. They told me that once they went to dance and he got violent and even hit her in front of her friends. There was this toxic relationship and unfortunately Jessy put up with it,” added Paco.

Jessy started her career five years ago. One day, the young woman accompanied one of her friends to a casting for the program El Popularísimo, directed by Paco, but she was chosen.

He began to work and in the program he discovered his qualities for singing. She decided -later- to dedicate herself to music.

“We had many trips, we went to Potosí, Sucre, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. She was a very sweet and cheerful person. She told us that she lived alone, she helped her mother and her little brother with the expenses, ”she declared.

He founded his group and performed in various places, especially in the Yungas. “A month ago she came to the program with Dos Minutos. I saw her thinner. She told me that she was fine, that she wanted to record and that she had many plans and projects. He even wanted to return to the program, “Paco said.

The wake of the young Jessy, yesterday in the city of La Paz.
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