JCE y EFEC convocan a participar en concurso de ensayos Democracia e Identidad

JCE and EFEC call for participation in the Democracy and Identity essay contest

Santo Domingo.- The Central Electoral Board (JCE) and its National School of Electoral Training and Civil Status (EFEC) urged professionals from all over the country to participate in the essay contest “Democracy and identity”, at the undergraduate level , which was opened to the public on April 4 and will run until June 4 of this year 2022.

The literary academic contest aims to promote reflection and critical thinking on central issues for the development of Dominican society.

Issues such as parties and democracy, mechanisms of participatory democracy, registration and civil identity; electoral processes and their integrity, the right to vote and its exercise, and the participation of women and youth, are part of the central axes around which the contest proposals revolve.

The academician Felipe Carvajal de los Santos, director of the EFEC, valued as transcendental the initiative of the plenary of the JCE to sponsor this contest, after accepting the suggestion of its president Román Jáquez Liranzo, within the multiple actions carried out by the academic body of the institution in the country and abroad, after its relaunch last October.

“It is a new opportunity for various sectors of society to make public their opinion on these and other issues, generate debates that make us grow and increase knowledge and the production of books and brochures on our identity and democracy,” said Carvajal de los Santos. , who has extensive experience in the field.

The prizes for the five best evaluated by the jury will be an economic incentive of $RD150,000.00 for the first place, RD100,000.00 for the second, and $RD75,000.00 for the third, in addition, the first three winners will be awarded with a scholarship for a Master’s degree financed by the EFEC and books with its contents will be published. The prizes for the fourth and fifth will be RS$50,000 and 25,000 pesos and the scholarship for a Master’s degree.

The jury will be made up of doctors Dolores Vanahí Bello Dotel, Nurys Xiomara Paulino Pérez, Santiago Sosa, Julio César Madera Arias and José Lino Martínez.

According to the call, the contest has among its main objectives to promote intellectual research on democracy, promote reflection and the involvement of professionals in the selected topics; create content that contributes to the improvement of Dominican democracy, and expand the country’s literary heritage through the production of books and scientific documents.

The printed essays must be sent to the EFEC, located at Eduardo Martínez Saviñón street, Florinda Soriano corner, in the La Castellana sector, National District, in a sealed envelope, complying with the suggested requirements, among others, having been prepared under the genre of academic essay with a predominance of objective thinking and
self-authored critical reflections.

They must be original, free of plagiarism, and a digital version of the PDF format must be attached on a CD or memory, with a synopsis of the content of the essay in a maximum of three paragraphs.

The text must be unpublished, that has not been published or released by any mass media, and comply with the rigor and standards of writing analytical and reflective academic essays.

In this regard, for the evaluation of the works, the rigor of the research, the originality of the approach and the sources used will be taken into account. Individual texts will be accepted, with a minimum length of 15 pages and a maximum of 25, without the cover, index, bibliography and annexes.

Two envelopes must be sent, the first containing the title of the work, the author’s name and their contact information. The second, the work without identification of the author. Of the works that are winners, the jury will recommend their publication by the JCE, for which purpose the copyright of the winning texts is understood to have been transferred, respecting the intellectual property of their authors.

Essays must be submitted no later than June 6 at 5:30 pm. To obtain the complete registration sheet and verify the complete bases and requirements, those interested can access the website of the academic body of the JCE https://efec.edu.do and of the Central Electoral Board: https:// jce.gob.do.

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