"It's a disgrace": Mujica lamented the "fucked up image" of Uruguay due to the Marset and Astesiano cases

“It’s a disgrace”: Mujica lamented the “fucked up image” of Uruguay due to the Marset and Astesiano cases

Former President José Mujica said that the Marset and Astesiano cases are “a disgrace that affects those who are in government” but also “everyone as a nation, because it impoverishes us and dwarfs us”.

“It would have been better if these things did not happen,” added the former president in statements to MVD News (City TV). And he added: “Institutions do not fail, we humans fail. I don’t like being part of a debate, but It hurts for my compatriots and because we are giving a screwed up image to the outside. But the facts are the facts, and they are there. We should talk more.”

“I am from another world, but we would have to talk,” said Mujica. Regarding Astesiano’s leaked chats, and those of Carolina Ache and Guillermo Maciel that allude to the dangerousness of drug trafficker Sebatián Marset, he added: “We are in digital civilization, and I don’t know if we are made to endure it.”

Mujica spoke this Thursday at an act held by the Broad Front in Parque Rodó (Montevideo).

Álvaro Delgado’s vision of Ache

From the government, meanwhile, the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgadostated that “obviously there is a political onslaught” by the Broad Front in the Marset case that led to Vice Chancellor Carolina Ache. She added that “everything the Broad Front does now is (because) it thinks of 2024.”

The hierarch pointed out that while his party was in opposition, he was “responsible” and “always very careful with forms” and “judicial actions.” “That was our way of acting. The Broad Front never fully accommodated itself in the opposition role “he pointed.

Delgado called to “take charge” of “some situations.”

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