Sacerdote ocasionó choque por conducir ebrio "por mucho vino en la misa"

Priest caused a drunk driving crash “because of a lot of wine at mass”

A priest caused a terrible traffic accident by driving while intoxicated. According to the authorities, the religious caused a collision with two vehicles that were circulating in the Monteolivete neighborhood, in Valencia, Spain.

After his arrest, the man justified his actions by arguing that he got drunk “with the consecrating wine that he drank when officiating a mass.”

According to local media, the accident occurred around half past ten in the morning last Saturday. At the time of the incident, the priest was driving an Audi brand vehicle, which collided with another car that was parked and later collided with another car that was driving near the area.

According to neighbors and witnesses, the priest was very sorry when he got out of his vehicle and apologized for the damage he had caused.

“He was very nervous and spoke to someone on his cell phone before the police arrived,” a neighbor told a local media outlet in Valencia. “Then we saw him with teary eyes when he explained how the accident had happened to a couple who came to pick him up,” the witness reiterated. She added that after the mishap, people who were in the area called a patrol to attend to the accident.

The scare with the priest

Police elements came to the scene who interviewed the witnesses and the driver of the Audi. Employees and clients of a hairdressing salon and a dry cleaner went out into the street after hearing the crash of the vehicles and confirmed to the authorities that no one had been injured. “The noise was huge. We thought some facade had collapsed,” one of the women mentioned.

The hairdresser’s employee added that “there were four clients and we all went out to see what had happened. “They got nervous because a neighbor believed that the driver was going to flee, but the truth is that the man did not get away from his car at any time and said several times that he was not going to leave,” another witness said. accident.

Later, the authorities revealed that the man argued that he was a priest and that he had drunk wine shortly before during the celebration of the Eucharist, which had caused the accident. When performing an alcohol test, the results showed that the priest had a mark of 0.40 grams per liter of alcohol in his blood.

Derived from the accident, the agents reported that the priest will receive a fine that also includes the loss of four points from the driver’s license.

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