The Prosecutor's Office opens an investigation into Pedro Castillo for collecting bribes from Sada Goray

The Prosecutor’s Office opens an investigation into Pedro Castillo for collecting bribes from Sada Goray

The Prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides, began the eighth investigation against the former coup president this time for the receipt of alleged bribes delivered by the businesswoman Sada Goray.

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The case is supported by the statements provided by the former head of Advisors of the Ministry of Housing, Salatiel Marrufo, who pointed out to the special team headed by the prosecutor Marita Barreto who handed over S/100,000 to the ex-president.

According to his account, in the second week of September 2021, Castillo asked the then sector minister, Geiner Alvarado, for a “financial contribution” to finance the trip of provincial protesters to Lima.

According to the detainee Marrufo, who is now an effective collaborator, Alvarado recommended that he speak with Goray, who was a representative of the Markagroup company, to help him with the money, and that he ensured an agreement with the Mi Vivienda Fund to access mortgage loans. .

After convincing the businesswoman, according to the former adviser, he went to her house in La Molina two days later to receive S/100,000 in cash.

Of that money, he maintained, he agreed with Alvarado to deliver S/50,000 to the former president and the other half would be reserved for any eventuality. And so it was that the then head of Housing attended the Government Palace to deliver the tickets to Castillo Terrones and told him that he would receive that amount every month on the condition of keeping him and Marrufo in their posts.

In the statement, to which Peru21 agreed, it is indicated that in January of this year Goray gave S/500,000 to Salatiel Marrufo, money that he gave to Alvarado and he, in turn, gave it to Castillo in the Palace.

In February and March the same payment was repeated. But it was in May when Castillo himself went to the Ministry of Housing because the minister had forgotten to give him the S/50 thousand for the month of April. At that moment, according to the collaborator, Alvarado told him to prepare S/100 thousand, including the payment for May, and when the then president arrived, it was Marrufo who gave him the amount in cash in a paper bag.

Payment to Felix Chero

But not everything was there. According to the testimony, the Minister of Justice, Félix Chero, received S/50 thousand, coming from the bribes of Sada Goray, to change the head of Sunarp.

In the fortnight of last March, Sada Goray asked to remove the owner of the entity so that his successor would help her register in public records a piece of land located in Chilca, south of Lima, which she was looking to sell to the Centenario company.

Goray sent Luis Longaray Chau’s resume to Marrufo so that he is the one to occupy the position. And that was how Longaray became superintendent a month later, in April.

Chero, however, told Marrufo that he had agreed to the change because Pedro Castillo “had put a lot of pressure on him.” A day later they met in the restaurant of the El Marqués hotel where, according to the story, Chero asked him “how is it with mine?”

Marrufo replied not to worry and went to his room 605 and took S/50 thousand in cash from the safe.

“I returned to the restaurant that is on the eighth floor of the hotel, I gave him the money (to Félix Chero), then the meeting ended and he left,” narrated the former adviser.

For this reason, prosecutor Benavides charges Castillo and Chero with the crime of passive bribery, while Alvarado is charged with the crimes of bribery and money laundering in the conversion modality.


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