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Marciniak, the referee of the World Cup final

The shoulder injury suffered on Wednesday by Stephen Curry, star point guard for the Golden State Warriors, will have him out for at least “a few weeks,” US media reported Thursday.

The warriors, reigning champions of the NBA, were in suspense to learn the results of the MRI that their leader was scheduled to undergo this Thursday.

Curry34, left Wednesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers in the third quarter after injuring his left shoulder trying to steal the ball from center Jalen Smith when he went to the hoop.

Steph Curry expected to miss ‘a few weeks’ with injury on the left shoulder”, reported on Thursday the renowned journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, from the sports network ESPN.

Marciniak, the referee of the World Cup final

The point guard was injured in the match against the Pacers. (Getty Images/AFP)

Curry’s loss, who is averaging 30 points, 6.6 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game, is a hard setback for the Warriorswho are starring in a mediocre start to the season with 14 wins and 15 losses.

Golden State, in search of a fifth ring with the dynasty of players led by Curry, occupies the tenth place in the Western Conferencethe last one that gives access to the playoffs.

A report in the San Francisco Chronicle coincided with Curry’s drop forecast offered by ESPN and noted that in the Warriors it is considered that playing around “a dozen games” without the point guard would be “a critical learning period” for youngsters. Of the template.

The task of relieving Curry will fall to the young backup point guard Jordan Poolewhose scoring average rises from 14.1 to 25 points when he starts as a starter.

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