Is employment in Colombia better than other countries in Latin America? These are the figures

Is employment in Colombia better than other countries in Latin America? These are the figures

Is employment in Colombia better than other countries in Latin America?: Put a magnifying glass on the figures.

Employment in Colombia and Latin America in general varies significantly in terms of unemployment rates, types of employment, education levels, and wages.

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The labor reform is one of the most talked about these days, led by the current government of Gustavo Petro, and which precisely seeks to improve the employability situations that persist in Colombia, however, there are sectors that affirm the opposite.

For this reason it is important to review the current conditions of the country in comparison to other Latin American countries.

In general terms, Colombia has the highest unemployment rate in Latin America with a 13.7%, according to the January report of the National Administrative Department of Statistics, DANE.

In 2022 it closed with an average rate of 11.2% as the country with the highest unemployment on the continent, followed by Costa Rica with 11.8%, Panama 9.9% and Uruguay 8.5%.

While countries like Mexico and Nicaragua are located with the lowest unemployment rates with 2.9% and 3% respectively.

In January 2023, the occupancy rate andn the total, national it was 54.7%; for the same month of 2022 it was 53.4%.

Unemployment and informality mark the stop, where is the salary?

The country has the third highest minimum wage in Latin countriesaccording to the latest report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development of 2021.

The leaders in the list are Costa Rica with 11,534 dollars and Chile with 8,375 dollars, followed by Colombia with 8,114 dollars per year. Mexico is the one with the lowest salary with 3,324 dollars.

  • It is the fourth country that best bonuses Sundays and holidays, but is among those that worst bonuses overtime on weekdays.
  • It has the second most expensive nightly surcharge.

In this case, the only ones that enjoy this benefit are Brazil with a surcharge of 20%, Ecuador with 25%, Colombia and Peru with 35% and Panama is the highest with 50% at night.

Regarding salaries, employees in the country and others in the region tend to earn low salaries compared to developed countries.

  • The minimum is in $1,160,000 it will be the minimum wage for 2023 (transportation aid $140,606)

Wages vary by sector and geographic location, but in general, workers in Colombia and other countries in the region earn less than workers in countries like the United States and Western European countries.

Employment in Colombia must undoubtedly improve, not only for pay, but with other conditions.

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