Investigate finding of human bones in La Vega

Investigate finding of human bones in La Vega

The National Police and the Public ministry launched an investigation to identify a human skeleton found in a vacant lot, located in the El Llano sector of Bonagua, province The Vega.

The gender of the deceased person is unknown, for his identification process and cause of death the remains were sent to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif).

The deceased person wore a white t-shirt with the letters The king of the house, a white bermuda-type pants with pink with BKLW letters. Also some brown and white sneakers, a backpack which contained two shirts and pants inside.

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The lifting of the bones was carried out by the authorities of the province, headed by the medical examiner José Augusto Rodríguez, who was accompanied by the prosecutor Julián Capellán.

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