The number of workers in unemployment insurance decreases but layoffs increase

Employment data closed in april indicate that 44 thousand people were until then on unemployment insurancean average rate for the period between 2015 and 2019. However, layoffs increasedreported to Underlined (channel 10) the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres.

The last semester had been stable; There were between 46,000 and 47,000 workers on unemployment insurance, after the coronavirus pandemic that affected Uruguay since March 2020. In April that number fell to 44 thousand, and there, the balance “is clearly positive”, valued the hierarch.

Of that total, 9,000 are in partial unemployment insurance, and 35 thousand in the total, a figure not seen since before 2014, according to the minister. “As for the cause of departure, it is true that layoffs increase proportionally. But if one compares with similar figures in the past, we are in an even lower proportion of workers by dismissal, than existed, ”he exposed.

On the other hand, and as stated The Observer this Friday, Salto, Soriano and Canelones are the departments with the highest unemployment in the country, according to the latest labor market figures by geographic area of ​​residence released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). At the other extreme, the three departments with the lowest unemployment were –until March–: Cerro Largo, Maldonado and San José.

The rate of informality in the labor market in the country, meanwhile, shows appreciable differences depending on the area. While in Montevideo this figure reaches 13.7%, at the other extreme, Artigas is the worst in the class with an informality rate of 42.8%, followed by Rivera (39.8%), Cerro Largo (35 .3%) and Thirty-Three (31.9%).

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