FANB destroyed clandestine runways in Falcón

FANB destroyed clandestine runways in Falcón

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) destroyed illegal runways in Falcón used by the Armed Terrorist Narcotrafficking groups of Colombia (Tancol) for drug trafficking.

«Operation ‘Cacique Manaure’, disabling runways in Falcón state. We will not be a port or airport for Colombian drug traffickers,” said the FANB’s strategic operational commander, Domingo Hernández Lárez.

Through Twitter, he indicated that the assigned runway L-44 was also destroyed in the framework of Operation Catatumbo, in the state of Zulia.

The FANB and the Bolivarian Militia have been deployed for months in the border states to combat the Tancols and their structures, as part of the fight against drug trafficking from Colombia.

“Venezuela is a territory of peace. All illegal structures for military purposes, for explosives, laboratories, accommodation, training centers, warehouses, associated with the invasion of drug trafficking Tancol, will be destroyed, “Hernandez said in another message.

He highlighted that in another border state, 13,000 liters of acetone used by the Tancols for the production of drugs were destroyed.

“Venezuela will not be a platform or route for drug trafficking, here is a people in resistance, free, sovereign and independent,” he said.

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