Wado De Pedro: "The challenge of Peronism is to build a federal Argentina"

Wado De Pedro: "The challenge of Peronism is to build a federal Argentina"

De Pedro: “We are still a unitary country and the challenge of Peronism is to build a federal Argentina.”

The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedro, said this Saturday that “the challenge of Peronism is to build a federal Argentina” and said that the future of the party depends on “the freedom and creativity of the new generations, free from prejudice and conditioning”.

We are still a unitary country and the challenge of Peronism is to build a federal Argentina. Federalism is real if there is genuine private work that dignifies the Argentine family, otherwise we will continue to be a great port,” said De Pedro when participating in Mendoza in the “future Peronism” meeting convened by the PJ of that province.

The meeting was attended by the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa; the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof; that of San Juan, Sergio Uñac, and former president Juan Manuel Urtubey, among other referents of Justicialism at the national level.

In this framework, De Pedro argued that “the future of Peronism lies in the new generations, free from conditioning, free from prejudice” and “he asked young people to be free, creative, and not to be carried away by structured thoughts.”

In his speech, the head of the political portfolio listed the “courageous decisions” made by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner when she was President.

“In terms of energy, thanks to Cristina’s decision to recover YPF, without being afraid of making decisions that a tiny group in Argentina does not like, we have YPF again and today the national State participates in the strategic decisions in the gas administration and Vaca Muerta,” De Pedro remarked.

And he added: “We have to make decisions from the national government and that YPF and the oil companies pay taxes in Patagonia. Enough to serve in Buenos Aires and that all resources are taxed in CABA. We are going to build a fairer Argentina.”

In another section, the minister highlighted the “Brave decision by Cristina Kirchner to recover the administration of the pensioners’ funds and with those funds to be able to finance the Connect Equality program, which gave connectivity to many young people in the country”.

Federalism needs a multipolar Argentina, with many productive poles, a Patagonia that is home to fishing, oil, gas and red meat. And a thriving north, which can feed the world if we can solve logistics issues, “he said in another section of his message.

Finally, he called “think about the education of the future and reconvert the Argentine educational system” as well as “thinking about the role of the State, what State is needed to generate happiness, a modern state, intelligent on a par with technological innovation, that gives us sovereignty and integration in the use of data.”

“We are going to recover an Argentina of the future, an equal Argentina for all and where love and equality reign,” De Pedro harangued at the end of his speech.

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