The works include the opening of large ditches in the streets of intervened areas in SD East.

Intervention streets causes problems in transit

For weeks, several streets and avenues of the National District and the Santo Domingo province were intervened by the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASC), causing inconvenience to the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians.

The largest interventions are in the Gascue sector, in the National District, where the institution’s staff opened important sections of Pedro A. Lluberes, Rosa Duarte, Galván, México, Moisés García and other high-traffic streets at the same time.

In that area, where traffic is dense due to the fact that there are several public and educational institutions, including the National Palace, there are long and frequent traffic jams, from 7:00 in the morning until late at night. afternoon.

The works include the opening of large ditches in intervened areas in SD Este. Jorge gonzalez

The works entail the constant mobility of many heavy vehicles, construction materials and personnel, making transit through these streets almost impossible.

The works extend to Ecological Avenue, in the eastern part of the capital, to Villa Agrícolas, San Carlos and other sectors with high public mobility.

The CAASD He reported that, on Mexico Avenue, he is working on the rehabilitation and sectorization of the drinking water distribution network that will feed the San Juan Bosco sector and other surrounding areas.

This project consists of the replacement and placement of new pipes and special parts, as well as the placement of sectioning valves, to improve the supply of drinking water in the Miraflores and San Carlos sectors, to benefit more than 6,000 inhabitants.

He stated that, in the Santo Domingo Este municipality, the government entity began work on laying pipes to bring drinking water to more than 200,000 inhabitants from different sectors that “have not received the liquid for more than 15 years.”

He explained that, on Ecological Avenue, the works will facilitate the supply of liquid to the communities located on both sides of the road, such as the Marpe, Brisa Oriental, Prado Oriental, Villa Eloísa, Lotificación del Este and others residential areas.

The engineer Eliton Matos, in charge of the Operations Department of the Southwest management of the CAASD, said that this institution is also solving problems in the sanitary sewage system of different sectors of the National District, which end with the asphalting of the streets.

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