"I'm not worried about Congress because I close it and that's it," Pedro Castillo would have told Pacheco according to Karelim López

“I’m not worried about Congress because I close it and that’s it,” Pedro Castillo would have told Pacheco according to Karelim López

The revealed that the President of the Republic, I would have told him that he was willing to close Congress just so that he calms down, before the investigations against him begin for the alleged pressures he would have exerted on high command of the Armed Forces to get promotions.

The also effective collaborator of the Prosecutor’s Office mentioned that Pacheco confronted the head of state, since he was the one who would have asked her to carry out these pressures and did not want to be held responsible for it.

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He (Bruno Pacheco) had nothing to do with it, he said (to President Pedro Castillo): ‘I have carried out orders, you have given me the orders of your friends the Chotanos’ (…) to pass them on to General Vizcarra, to transport the order’ and told him: ‘take them on yourself. What will happen to me if I resign, what will happen to Congress?”, he pointed out in an interview with Panorama.

Right after that, Lopez Arredondo He assured that the president told Pacheco that he could close the Parliament, since he wanted to give him peace of mind.

One of the things that the president very lightly said (to Pacheco): ‘I don’t care about Congress because I close it down and that’s it.‘” Karelim Lopez said.

Pedro Castillo’s thesis

At another point, the businesswoman also mentioned the master’s thesis of peter castlewhich, according to a report broadcast this Sunday by the same Sunday program, would have plagiarism of 54% of academic work. However, she maintained that he could not say more about it.

Bruno Pacheco attributed the fact that the president what he had obtained from the César Vallejo University was not legal. It is a subject that I cannot comment on because it is part of the collaboration”, expressed Karelim López.


Specialists agree that the Public Ministry and Comptroller must act. In addition, discussion continues due to the ruling of the TC in favor of Alberto Fujimori. Also, Podemos Peru was extinguished in Congress. He stopped being a bench after the resignation of Carlos Anderson. And, postmen in Lviv continue to deliver packages despite the war in Ukraine.

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