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Olympia and his third consecutive victory

The tip of the Primera División B 2022 tournament moved to Areguá. 24 de Septiembre did not fail and is now waiting for the commitment of Tembetary, who will be the sole leader if he wins.

24 received today in Valle Pucú the February 3 of the Chacarita for the date 7 of the Third Division contest.

The fringed cast prevailed with goals from Jonathan Florenciañez (22′), Walter Pacheco (55′), Pedro Rojas (75′) and Edgar Villasboa (85′). Diego Zárate (65′) and Elias Re (68′) discounted for the bass players.

With this result, the Aregüeños take the lead -knowing General Díaz’s free date- and wait to see what happens with Tembetary, who, if he wins tomorrow, will rise to the top of the classification.

The grid began yesterday with a tie (2-2) between Hayes and Limpeño. This morning continued with a blank draw between Colón JAS and 3 de Noviembre in Saldívar, Capiatá’s 1-2 victory over 29 in Barrio Molino and Yegros’s first victory (so far this year) against General Caballero in El Bosque of Pa’i Ñu. In the afternoon, Pettirossi beat Olimpia (I) 1-0 in Republicano and Atlántida beat Recoleta (1-2) as a visitor in Villa Morra.


-Saturday April 30

*Sportivo Limpeño 2-2 Presidente Hayes

-Sunday May 1

*Christopher Columbus JAS 0-0 November 3

*Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 1-0 General Caballero ZC

*September 29 1-2 Deportivo Capiata

*September 24 VP 4-2 February 3 RB

*Silvio Pettirossi 1-0 Olympia de Ita

*Deportivo Recoleta 1-2 Atlantida SC

-Monday, May 2

*Atletico Tembetary vs. Christopher Columbus (Ñ)

Stadium: Kelito Gardens.

Referee: Osmar Soto.

Assistants: Jorge Martínez and Jorge Espinoza.

Fourth referee: Alberto Candia.

Free: General Diaz.


September 24 16, General Díaz 15, Deportivo Capiatá 15, Atlético Tembetary 14, Atlántida 13, Deportivo Recoleta 12, Presidente Hayes 11, November 3 11, Cristóbal Colón (Ñ) 9, Silvio Pettirossi 8, Sportivo Limpeño 7, Olimpia de Itá 5, September 29, 5, February 3 RB 4, Cristóbal Colón JAS 3, Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 3, General Caballero ZC 0.

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