With a march to the Zócalo, they will commemorate independent unions on May 1

With a march to the Zócalo, they will commemorate independent unions on May 1

▲ In Mexico there is a new independent trade union insurgency, there is a wave of claim and discontent, says the Cilas coordinator, Héctor de la Cueva. Stock image.Photo Carlos Ramos Mamahua

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Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday April 30, 2022, p. 12

While the big labor unions will be absent from the massive rallies to commemorate Labor Day, self-proclaimed independent organizations will take to the streets to demand democracy and freedom of association.

It will be the third consecutive year that the confederations integrated into the Labor Congress – CTM, Ferrocarrileros, COR, CROC, CROM – suspend their mobilization, for not having sanitary conditions, and in the midst of a labor reform that forces them to legitimize their collective contracts, most of them signed behind the workers’ backs.

The marches for May Day take place after three years of application of the labor reform and in the context of the beginning of a new independent trade union insurgencypointed out Héctor de la Cueva, coordinator of the Center for Labor Research and Trade Union Advice (Cilas).

The official unions, which, in the style of the best times of the PRI movement, called meetings, will not mobilize because the repudiation of the workers towards these centrals is growing; there is a wave of claim and discontentI consider.

The labor advisor pointed out that the workers’ mobilization is part of a context in which the labor reform it opens important doors for the exercise of freedom of association; however, it progresses extremely slowly.

One of the organizations that will march will be the Independent Union of Research Workers in Health Sciences, demanding the signing of a collective contract and recognition to our labor human rights as researchers and workersindicated Alejandra Contreras Ramos, Secretary of Organization.

The telephone operators’ union will also be mobilized, which warned its members that whoever misses the Labor Day march will be sanctioned with eight days without pay.

The mobilizations will take place from various points, such as the Monument to the Revolution, and will culminate in the capital’s Zócalo, where they will hold a rally in which the World Social Forum, of which Mexico is the venue, will be announced.

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