If you are the victim of an accident and the driver escapes, you can collect up to 24,750 soles

If you are the victim of an accident and the driver escapes, you can collect up to 24,750 soles

The victim of a traffic accident, whose driver hit the run, does not remain totally helpless, the affected person or family members have the right to access the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance Compensation Fund (SOAT) and Traffic Accident Certificate (CAT).

The SOAT and CAT compensation fund was created by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to care for the victims who, in some cases, even die.

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This fund can cover hospitalization expenses, surgical intervention, treatment, rehabilitationamong others up to 5 tax units, equivalent to 24 thousand 750 soles. If the victim paid for it, you can also request reimbursementbut as long as the request is made in a maximum period of one year.

if the victim passed away In the traffic accident, relatives can request reimbursement of the burial expenses and the maximum coverage is one Tax Unit, equal to 4 thousand 950 soles per person.

The fund covers the expenses of the coffin, grave, niche or cremation cost, as well as the rental of the float. In addition, it covers compensation for death in the amount of 19,800 soles and a similar amount for permanent disability, equivalent to 4 UIT. While for temporary disability the disbursement is for the maximum amount of a UIT, 4 thousand 950 soles.


If the medical care or burial vouchers are electronic, you can request access to the fund virtually and free of charge by filling out the SOAT and CAT Fund form through attaching the police report. In this form you will complete the basic data and a short description.

After the application is approved, the beneficiary will have to Submit the physical documentation at the MTC Territorial Decentralized Center, office that in Arequipa is located in the street Geraniums No. 105 in the Alto Selva Alegre urbanization, in the Arequipa fenceat the height of Av. Juan de La Torre.

If you don’t want to do it virtually, you can also you can fill the form directly at the address indicated above.

The reimbursement of the money spent is compensated to the beneficiaries of the Fund directly to their Bank account, in order to facilitate collection.

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