Humberto Montero denounces that the Minsa did not adequately certify the schools to handle the Covid-19 situation

Professor Humberto Montero, representative of the Association of Veragüenses Teachers, spoke this Wednesday on Radio Panama, about the position of the teachers’ unions regarding the continuity of face-to-face classes, despite the increase in cases of Covid-19 in educational establishments.

He denounced that since the pandemic and the announcement that the 2022 school year would be face-to-face, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) did not adequately certify the biosafety protocols and committees of the schools and now this deficiency is being seen.

“These documents had to be certified by the Minsa as the governing body for health, not the Meduca. What happens is that they did not train the Covid committees and some committees, the school director made the protocol unilaterally and without taking taking into account the educational community such as parents, teachers; the director did it for the return to class. This was done in an improvised way without any monitoring. The Meduca did not have to certify anything, “he explained.

Montero stressed that they are not opposed to face-to-face classes, but they are against classes being held in the face of the increase in Covid-19 infections. “We are against this decision, that classes are going to be kept in person at schools because it is Minister Sucre’s responsibility to send his regional health directors to certify the schools to see if they have their protocol that we must follow to take care to our students, teachers and administrators, but Meduca is certifying schools as safe schools and they are not the ones in charge of health”, highlighted the educator.

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