How to prepare your emergency backpack and your reserve box to face an earthquake?

How to prepare your emergency backpack and your reserve box to face an earthquake?

Peru is an earthquake country and we must all be prepared to face a large-scale earthquake. For this reason, this last Monday, August 15, the second multi-hazard drill of 2022 was carried out with the aim of putting preventive actions into practice. Among them, is having the backpack for emergencies and the reserve box ready, recommended by the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci).

emergency backpack

According to the Andean agency, during an evacuation, the emergency backpack must be carried, which must be well equipped and weigh about 8 kilos. In addition to having internal, side and front pockets depending on availability. The backpack must contain:

  • Essential hygiene items
  • First aid kit
  • Coat
  • Non-perishable food and money
  • communication articles
  • Specific articles for babies and infants, for female use, for the elderly, and for other basic needs.

Covis-19 pandemic:

The manager of National Defense, Civil Defense and Citizen Security of Callao, José Sosa, advised citizens to be prepared and to have an emergency backpack with new products on hand to protect themselves from contagion of the coronavirus disease.

Now the emergency backpack must contain new biosafety products such as masks, soap, 70° alcohol or gel, a properly identified container of bleach and bottles of water”, he told the Andina agency.

Prepare a reserve box

Today, Indeci advises not only to have an emergency backpack ready at home, but also a reserve box. Because after the natural disaster we may need essential items that are not in our emergency backpack.

Indeci ensures that these items can be used from the second to the fourth day of the emergency. The same ones that must be stored in a cool place and located within easy reach. This reserve box must contain:

  • Necessary hygiene items
  • Nonperishable food
  • clothing and coat

We must remember that these items, such as those in the emergency backpack, must be adapted according to the needs of each geographical area and must be renewed according to the expiration date, while they remain stored.

Emergency box. (Photo: Andean Agency)


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