How to invest in mutual funds to get the most benefit?

How to invest in mutual funds to get the most benefit?

According to tyba, a BCP agency, 47% of Peruvians have some type of ; Generally, own business is the most common alternative, followed by financial products such as term deposits, mutual funds, and shares. For many newcomers to investing who have little knowledge of the economy and bring little capital with them, investing in mutual funds is the most prudent option under the circumstances.

Mutual funds are ideal as they are flexible and offer a balance between the degree of diversification they offer and the option to adapt to the chosen risk profile. They are voluntary contributions that generate long-term profits thanks to the appreciation of money (increase in value)

There are two types of funds depending on the distribution of profits: funds cumulative and the distributive. The first, accumulate the possible profits of the investment, and once the client decides to finish his investment, it is when the investor receives the accumulated return. Instead, with distributives, you receive a percentage of profits – what is called dividends or income, every X time.

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“Having visibility and availability of a percentage of investment dividends on a quarterly or other basis is the main characteristic of distributive funds that have become the best option for those who want to have their dividends or income at certain times of the year.”, mentioned Valdemaro Mendoza, CEO of tyba.

Regarding the distributive funds, the money corresponding to the profit percentage is added to the client’s account on the established payment dates, so that it can be freely available. This is useful for people who, for fear of losing their profits in the short term, can access a simple and adequate product according to the level of risk they have.

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Currently tyba, BCP’s investment platform, which works as a digital channel for quick and easy access to investments through mutual funds, managed by Credicorp Capital SA SAF; It has three distributive mutual funds that pay income in quarterly periods. These are:

  • Fund of Funds Credicorp Capital Debt Latam: You can start investing from 50 dollars and the money goes to bonds of companies in the region.
  • Credicorp Capital Corporate Debt (soles): It can be accessed from S / 1,000 as a base amount. The money is invested in bonds of local companies.
  • Fund of Funds Credicorp Capital Investment Grade: With a minimum investment of USD 1,000, the exposure is towards high quality corporate bonds.


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