"Inform the electorate", the key to transparent elections, according to the TSJE

“Inform the electorate”, the key to transparent elections, according to the TSJE

During the launch of the 2022-2023 Electoral Plan in Caacupé, the authorities of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice agreed that keeping an “informed electorate” is the key to promoting clean and transparent elections.

“It is the first time that we will elect, on a national basis, with the unblocked list system and the Electronic Vote. So, it is a joint challenge between departmental and municipal authorities, political parties, candidates, leaders of civil society and the Electoral Justice so that the mechanism is socially known and they know how a person can access multi-member positions,” he told Agencia IP. Director of Electoral Processes, Carlos María Ljubetic.

Thus, the director of Electoral Processes added that “for this opportunity, there is more time for training, we have to bring the voting mechanism, its knowledge and its practice to the greatest possible number of citizens throughout the country,” he added.

In addition, Ljubetic confirmed that the electronic voting system is “inviolable” and allows greater speed not only in voting, but also in counting.

“We have tested an election with unblocked lists and the conventional voting system, with 250 voters, the count would last approximately 18 hours,” he said.

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