How is the investigation into the Schiappacasse links going?

The cell phone seized from Nicolás Schiappacasse is still under investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office. Weeks ago, the Maldonado prosecutor Carolina Dean met with the Flagrancia prosecutor Fernando Romano and referred him to the capital leg of the case. Aided by the Commission for the Prevention, Control and Eradication of Violence in Sport (depending on the Ministry of the Interior), they promote a long-term investigation into the links that emerged from the soccer player’s phone.

as he knew The Observer, in Montevideo, investigations are being made into possible links with people who engage in drug or arms trafficking. “The events later proved me right, because the Schiappacasse thing was not a minor issue. If the weapon had entered, I’m not saying that something would have happened inside the stadium, but outside the stadium surely it would,” Romano had said in an interview that The Daily Posted on March 24.

There are issues of the same case that have not yet been determined; for example, who gave the player the stolen gun he was carrying when he was arrested. In Schiappacasse’s cell phone, people linked to the brave bars in the two departments were found.

Prosecutor Dean pointed to The Observer last week that aims to unravel the network of crimes related to soccer. He also said that the player was “very sorry” for what he had done. On the device were numerous photos of him posing next to various weapons, which allowed to verify that he took them with him in public places such as football matches.

The player version and the look of Justice

“It was said a lot that it was for certain people from Peñarol and that is not true. I had it for personal use because lately I had received threats and robbery attempts and I feared for my life and for my family. I never wanted to encourage that violence that was said between the partiality of Peñarol and Nacional nor in the sport of Uruguay. I simply transported myself with an illegal weapon. I did not know it was stolen,” Schiappacasse said at a press conference after his first training session at Tanque Sisley.

Judicial sources pointed to The Observer that a clear link with Peñarol’s barra brava emerges from the player’s messages. In fact, he even gave them money to do graffiti. However, Schiappacasse stressed that “the link he had with the Peñarol fans was not personal, but normal” when they went to Los Aromos to ask for “a video or a shirt.”

As Dean read in court, on October 11 of last year, he sent photos of two semi-automatic pistols and said: “A military friend of mom’s wants to sell it to me, he leaves it to me for a thousand, I think.” Two days later, he sent another photo of the gun and wrote: “Let the chicken catch.”

Almost a month later, on November 10, he spoke with another person to whom he told that he had lent a gun to a third party. Days later and chatting with another young man, she asked him: “Did you use the nine?” “No, brother, she has all the things you gave me,” they replied.

In another message, there are drugs involved. A contact scheduled as “Mamá Uruguay” sends her an audio claiming that she believes she is a drug trafficker. She sent him: “He’s going to jump shit for a joint and two bullets that you throw, you play the bandit.”

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