Leonel Fernández favorece préstamos a clínicas bajo algunas condiciones

Leonel Fernández favors loans to clinics under some conditions

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Fuerza del Pueblo party Leonel Fernández valued today that the Government will have a fund of more than two billion pesos, through the Development and Export Bank (BANDEX), for strengthen the private health sector.

The former President of the Republic indicated that the role of the Government is to help as much as possible, and that “if the private health sector needs some government support, we are going to study what that support can consist of, in this case according to I interpret, what I see, what I have read, is that it is a loan, it is not a donation, it is not that the government has given them two billion, it is a loan and they are going to have a loan with clear interest ».

He described as magnificent that the private health sector can be reformed and provide a quality health service to the population.

However, he suggested that SENASA’s subsidized insurance be allowed in private clinics, and therefore that when a patient arrives with subsidized insurance, the “poor” be received.

In the same way, he stated that “when a patient is taken to a private clinic, they do not ask for the RD$100,000 or 200,000 upfront that they do in some places, because people do not have RD$200,000 upfront to be treated. in a clinic.

“So if the government has been generous in facilitating that, we hope that private clinics will be generous with the poor in the Dominican Republic,” he concluded.

Leonel Fernández offered the statements at a press conference in Santiago.

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