How important is the pre-check?

How important is the pre-check?

The agreement between the United States and the Dominican Republic on the pre-check air for travelers leaving the Caribbean country will benefit the tourism and to the security of both nations.

According to the minister of tourism, David Colladothe pre-check is of national interest and “this would be a resounding and forceful impulse to the tourism in the Dominican Republic”. “We believe in and support the pre-clearance (pre-check)”.

Collado emphasized that the tourism of the Dominican Republic needs this approval as soon as possible.

The wallet holder tourism He spoke in those terms when he was the main speaker at the monthly meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (Amchamdr), where he highlighted the recovery of the sector and assured that the statistics for April “are surprising.”

About him pre-checkthe president of the Association of Hotels and tourism from the Dominican Republic (asonahores), Rafael Blanco Tejera, showed his support and pointed out that it is an accolade from the United States government to the security of the Dominican Republic.

He assured that not all countries can afford “the luxury” of having this type of program and, secondly, he understands that it will allow the Dominican Republic to have access to airports that it cannot reach today, because those terminals in the United States do not have international departments.

“Since we are going to leave the Dominican Republic as an internal flight to the United States, we are going to expand in a very important way the destinations to which we are going to be able to fly directly,” said Blanco Tejera.

Joel Santos, former president of the asonahores. He said that the importance of pre-check It is given because the Dominican Republic competes with high-level destinations in the world, so ease of access is essential in these processes.

“We have the possibility of obtaining the ‘preclearance’ with the North American market, which is the pre-check, which would make it easier for the United States market to access the Dominican Republic automatically and, furthermore, would expand the airports of the which could leave more flights to our country”Joel SantosFormer president of the Asonahores

He added that in this way it would be easier for the most important market in the Dominican Republic.

“The preclearance it would be a competitive advantage for the Dominican product. Basically, it is that our authorities, which are responsible for this process, approve it, so that the Dominican airports and the tourist destination of the Dominican Republic can have that additional element of competition,” Santos said.

Simón Suárez, Vice President of Institutional Relations of the Punta Cana International Airport, indicated that the analyzes they have made regarding the pre-check indicate that, if the agreement is approved, it will impact the arrival of tourists to the Dominican Republic.

The agreement is pending approval in the Constitutional Court.

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