Muere antes de entregar anillo de compromiso y joyería lo envía a la novia

He dies before delivering an engagement ring and jewelry sends it to the bride

In social networks, the story of a man who died while on his way to pick up the engagement ring that he would give to his girlfriend that same day was released. For its part, the jewelry store tried to contact the man’s girlfriend.

Through Twitter, Grecia Isabel, a Venezuelan user of this social network, revealed the story of Alejandro, her cousin. He died before picking up the engagement ring that he would give to his girlfriend, Samantha.

Days before buying the engagement ring, Alejandro got engaged to his girlfriend at that moment he gave her a paper ring, which symbolized his love.

In the letter that the jewelry delivered, it is stated that Alejandro contacted them on April 11 and paid for the ring, they agreed that he would pick up the ring three days later, however, the jewelry store had no response to his messages sent to the man, for which they decided to look for him through social networks and that is how they found out about the tragedy.

After the jewelry store managed to find Samantha, they sent her the engagement ring with a touching letter. In the letter, the establishment pointed out that the story reached his heart, for which they concluded to continue with Alejandro’s act of love.

“Our entire team wishes you the greatest blessings from the heart, may your new path only shine, make you stronger and move forward. Remember, when a love is real it is until eternity and now you have an eternal love represented as a beautiful star that shines in the sky today, “the letter concluded.

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