Haiti will not allow decomposed meat into its territory

Haiti will not allow decomposed meat into its territory

Dajabon, Dominican Republic. – The manager of the northern trade area of HaitiLouis Pitret, expressed his disagreement with the authorities of the Dominican Republic regarding the alleged trade in meat and offal decomposed from the border market In this city.

Louis Pitret spoke during a meeting with authorities from both countries where the hygiene and quality control of the product was discussed, the sale of which had been stopped this week by the Specialized Corps for Land Border Security (Cesfront).

During the activity, held in the halls of the municipal council, he explained that it is inconceivable that if a product cannot be marketed in this country because it does not meet quality standards, he would sell it to his compatriots who come to the market fair.

The position was also supported by the person in charge of the food department of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) in this town, Luis Martínez, who said that the institution will be vigilant during the market fair, to guarantee that the products sold are of good quality.

Also present at the scene were Francisco García, provincial manager of the MPS, Rosalba Peña, Provincial Governor, members of the army, Cesfront and the representatives of the commercials involved.

Origin of the conflict

The conflict over this situation arose after Cesfront prohibited the crossing of meat products through the center of the market fair on Monday, due to the stench of a corpse that it issues and contamination that spreads.

Previously, the activity was carried out on a plot away from the market, which has been isolated by the construction of the border wall in this part of the border.

Due to this situation, a group of merchants of the products, meat, head of cattle, legs and visors, remain in protest, defending the business with which they claim to support their families.

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