Agro Rural defines this Sunday the company that will provide urea for family farming

Executive will give a bonus of up to S/3,000 to producers and ranchers

The minister Nelly Paredes, announced that the emergency decree authorizing the drought bonus will be published in the coming days.

This benefit, which is aimed at agricultural producers and ranchers from 17 regions, will vary between S/800 per hectare of crops affected and S/3,200.

“This drought bonus will be delivered between January and March (2023). We have information on the areas and districts affected by the drought in 17 regions, which were identified according to the scenarios of no rain, and which will fall within the scope of the Emergency Decree. This issue has also been worked on with the Ministry of the Environment, ”he reported.

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On the other hand, he revealed that they are evaluating “the critical points” of the purchase of fertilizer.

“Regarding the acquisition of urea, we have some critical (points) and we are evaluating, and according to the uses and customs of international trade, we hope to have a result of this process soon and that we will reach a good term to support our brothers and sisters from the countryside,” he said.

Likewise, he pointed out that the Fertiabono has allowed 261,714 small producers (between zero and ten hectares), to have collected a total of S/383.4 million at Banco de la Nación agencies.

“I can assure you that this (agricultural) campaign is not lost, and although it is true that we are not 100% of what has been achieved, we can ensure the production of basic food,” he said.


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