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They accuse false architects for alleged fraud of more than G. 650 million

The defendants are Haslan Julio Soares Lima and Neri Armando Acosta Verón, who are owners of a firm called “Inovar Pisos Acabados y Construcciones”, and they allegedly posed as architects and experts in the area of ​​constructionwithout being them.

According to the investigation, on September 6, 2021, assumed responsibility with the victims Fabiula Soares Previatelli and Katya Yanine Vázquez Benítez, owners of the company “Escarlaq EAS”, for the construction of two works, which consisted of the reform of an events room and a barbecue area.

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The accused They received various amounts of money, totaling 320,800,000 guaraníes, and promised to finish the works within a specified period, knowing that they could not carry out said work.

Because Soares Lima and Acosta Verón they did not comply with the agreed works, since they were not prepared for the effect, The inconveniences and delays in the works began, especially due to the lack of materials. This situation caused deterioration in the facilities, which began to give way.

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Due to this situation, those affected began to complain about the poor conditions of the works, in addition to the lack of competence and preparation of the alleged architects. They were even forced to make several loans and even sell a car in order to complete the works started, for which the total damage was 664,800,000 guaraníes, according to the prosecutor’s indictment.

The entrance They accuse false architects for alleged fraud of more than G. 650 million was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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