Hailstorm, rains and winds affect the municipality of Santiago

Hailstorm, rains and winds affect the municipality of Santiago

A hailstorm accompanied by heavy rains and strong gusts of wind was recorded in the municipality of Navarretein the province Santiago.

The combination of these three atmospheric phenomena began around 3:40 in the afternoon and has spread.

So far the Civil Defense has not reported any damage.

However, the rainfall caused flooding of the main streets and avenues in Navarrete.

While the breeze moved trees and signs placed in public spaces.

Municipalities left their homes and workplaces near the central park of the municipality to witness the hailstones falling.

The director of the National Office of Meteorology, Gloria Ceballos, reported this afternoon that clouds of vertical development were generating downpours with electrical storms over the northwest region, the Central Cordillera and the border area.

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