Haarlem Baseball Week opens its doors to Cuba

Cuba today has on the table the invitation to attend the Baseball Week in Haarlem, the Netherlands, whose organizing committee intends to celebrate its thirtieth edition in style, with various powers on the program.

In a year devoid of other major events in terms of balls and strikes, the letter sent by the Europeans becomes an incentive for the Island Federation, which is now weighing several options in order to return to a fight that will also include Italy, Japan, China, Chinese Taipei, the local team and Japan, current monarch.

It is worth mentioning that the largest of the Antilles is the top winner of the competition, with five trophies since its debut in 1972, when they presented stellar figures such as Agustín Marquetti, Antonio Muñoz, Braudilio Vinent and Rodolfo Puente.

Precisely for this reason, according to the information provided by the National Commission of the discipline, the purpose is to register a competitive cast, which could be the current champion Granma or the team that manages to take the crown this season, whose schedule will end in the month of June.

However, there is a third option: bring together the best players in the country, especially if we take into account that the rest of the contestants plan to bring teams full of capable exponents and ready to look immense from July 8 to 15, 2022 at the Stadium Pim Mulier.

The contest raises many expectations for various reasons, including being a closed anniversary and the return of the call after three years of absence, since it is biannual and was suspended in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Along these lines, Leon Ravestein, director of the tournament, declared to the official website of the Italian Federation that “it will be a great party”, because they long to “celebrate our thirtieth anniversary with an ambitious level”.

According to Ravestein’s statements, he asked “the invited countries to come to Haarlem with the best possible team” to observe “the best baseball in Europe, Asia and America.”

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