Guillermo Bermejo's lawyer presented his evidence in trial for affiliation to terrorism

Guillermo Bermejo’s lawyer presented his evidence in trial for affiliation to terrorism

The Congressman’s Lawyer (Peru Libre) presented its evidence in the framework of the oral trial facing the parliamentarian, who is prosecuted for the alleged crime of affiliation to terrorism to the detriment of the Peruvian State.

The chamber presided over by Judge Andrés Churampi Garibaldi accepted the proposal of Bermejo’s legal defense to present as evidence an interview given by Bobby Eddie Villarroel, better known as ‘Sasha’.

Likewise, the court rejected the possibility of including videos as evidence where Bermejo Rojas He rejected the Shining Path and two articles that the parliamentarian wrote against terrorist actions.

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On the other hand, it was admitted to include the immigration report of Guillermo Bermejo of March 6, 2015 to show that he did not travel to Venezuela and Colombia, as the Prosecutor’s Office maintains in its accusation.

The hearing was suspended until December 15. It should be noted that Judge Andrés Churampi Garibaldi told the parties that the next session of the trial will be held on Wednesday 23 of the same month at 3:00 pm.

The Public Ministry requested 20 years in prison against Guillermo Bermejo, accused of belonging and terrorist affiliation to the remnants of Vraem Shining Path, between 2008 and March 2009.

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It indicates that the legislator “consciously and voluntarily” traveled several times to terrorist camps to meet clandestinely with Víctor Quispe Palomino, comrade “José”, “Martín” or “Iván”; with Jorge Quispe Palomino, comrade “Raúl”; and with other members of the senderista group.

Stated that Bermejo Rojas He attended these meetings in order to receive ideological, political and firearms indoctrination. It would even maintain links with foreign terrorist organizations to make known its so-called armed struggle.


It is another year since the tragedy that killed the entire Alianza Lima staff in 1987.

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